01 February 2007


I. Hate. Science Core. It is stupid and evil and I don't fucking care about writing about biology. Jesus, people, who wants to write a bajillion journals a week on biology?* If I cared about biology enough to write a bajillion journals, I'd be a biologist. What am I instead? An historian. History is not biology. I can't stand talking about the scientific method. The Core question is "Why does science matter?" which is at least as stupid as "How do we understand art?" which had been my previous most hated question. How the hell do you address why science matters in a bio class? I could totally see it in a history class, following the rise of science as the accepted avenue to objective knowledge about the world in Western tradition and how that rise affected stuff -- but in a bio class? Even my cool prof (Dr. Hinrichson; this is his first unit of Core), who's a dirty hippie scientist and pretty good at doing this whole discussion of science thing, eventually comes down to "Well, science is useful. Obviously, as a biologist, I feel that science is really useful. So, uh, yeah. There's the question."

WTF, HC. WTF. "The Dynamic Earth" wouldn't require me to think or do work, you know, and it would fulfill the same goddamn requirement. Get it straight.

*3-4 journals a week. Each journal is 1-2 pages -- single-spaced. Who the fuck asks for single-spaced papers? What the fuck twilight zone academia am I in now?

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