13 March 2007

The Riches: Pilot

In case you live under a bigger rock than I do, Eddie Izzard's new TV series The Riches premiered last night at 10 pm on FX. He plays Wayne, the father in a family of white gypsies who witness the death of a couple in a car crash, and then take over the couple's house and lives.

It sounds creepy, and in some ways it is. And you know what? The characters agree. Dahlia, the mother who just got paroled, refuses to go along with her husband's insane scheme. The kids are respectively freaked, apathetic, and have very few lines (in order of age). The characters are amazing. The set-up sounds far more contrived than it played out on the screen.

And this show seems to have been written just for Eddie Izzard. There's a bit where he randomly recites poetry, his youngest son likes wearing dresses, there's some random bad French, and Eddie Izzard plays it hard, like this role matters. If you've seen All the Queen's Men, you know what I'm talking about. But more hardcore.

I am very, very sad that I won't be able to keep up with this show upon return to my house under a rock where we get no cable. I'll have to rent it on DVD.


Anna said...

OH MAN. I totally watched a rebroadcast because I accidentally slept through the original one, but MAN IT WAS SO GOOD. ONLY YOU, EDDIE IZZARD, COULD PULL OFF TRAILER-FABULOUS WITH SO MUCH CLASS. I LOVE YOU.

His lines were SOOOO good. After watching that pilot episode I can honestly say that if EI wasn't in it I probably wouldn't be watching it. WOW so much is going on. He gives it that VERY needed kick of humor.

Anna said...

PS I love how it's called "The Riches" and the name of the family is "Rich" OMG I totally was not expecting that and it made me LOL.

Slade said...

I agree on all counts! EI MADE THIS SHOW. It would have been good without him, but I would not be raving about it. I love that man.

AND I love that the title is Riches, the family is Rich, and they really are filthy rich, and what our heroes like about them is that they're rich. It's brilliant.