04 May 2007

Prepping for the Nebulas, Part 3.6 Gagillion

Audrey (housemate) and I drove into civilization today and met up with Joseph and Kass to scour the Monroeville Mall for formalwear. It was awesome, ultra-efficient (for us), and draining (read: it was shopping). Skip to the end: I have a gown, and it is beautiful. In fact, even after three hours of mall-searching, it was the first dress I tried on. I have shoes and a bra for it, which leaves only jewelry, a bag, and possibly makeup. I'll post pictures when I can get them off my camera; that'll probably be after the Nebulas, because Anna has a thingy for that. Which means there will be marvelous Nebula photos to go with them, and you can see the dress in its native environment.

In news possibly of more interest to other people, I have things to do now! On Thursday I'll be helping with setting up the hospitality suite. And on Friday I will aid Susan Hanniford Crowley by taking names and giving directions for the book signing. (That means I'm like the bouncer, but with more lip gloss and less promise of unspeakable, eternal torment.* Come for the hot chick at the door, stay for the brilliant, famous people you find inside.

*I'm going to hell for that link. You know, as if I weren't before for that whole non-believer heathen infidel denier of the three-for-one true deity of whatever thing...and maybe I shouldn't go around likening deities to really nice sale racks. That can't be helping my case.

**Maybe that link isn't the reason I'm going to hell. Oh, well. Party on the sixth level! We'll be serving hard liquor and chocolate body paint (contraband in heaven)!


Anna said...


Bonus info about that "thingy" I have - it is IN my computer, not a USB device. (Yay Bently!)

Also: Chocolate body paint is absolutely allowed in heaven.

Slade said...

I love this dress. It is amazing. Black halter with a wide patterned stripe under the bust, done in white, and the fabric is stretchy but not obnoxiously so, and it swishes, and I can walk, sit, haul, and boogie in it. It's could be dressed down if I wanted (but why would I want to?) and I have six other people's verdicts on it that attest to its classiness. (Two of those people are Audrey and Joseph, who have inner gay boys that know what they're talking about.)

Shit, Bently is tricked out! Very nice.

Chocolate body paint is only allowed in conjuction with the missionary position. And no condoms. Not that that matters anyway, unless the dead can get knocked up or diseased. (Holy shit, what if they could? What if that's where new little baby souls come from? WHAT IF IT'S ALL JUST A COMPLICATED FACADE FOR A NEW BABY SOUL BREEDING PROGRAM?)

Btw, check your email.