01 March 2009

This blog is in my pants

You may wonder why I haven't updated what with everything I've been doing. (Specifically: I have moved to New Orleans to live with my master Steve, whom I love madly, and have gotten involved in the BDSM community, worked Bourbon St. at Mardi Gras, and am enjoying the hell out of life.)

The answer is that I have, but they're not here.

There was this great opportunity called The Best Job in the World, which was a caretaker/blogger position on a tropical Australian island. Their application window has now closed. However, since they were interested in multimedia blogging, Steve and I started a blog specifically to tie into our video submissions and show our prowess at that shit. The videos never got made, but the blog is still there. And it's starting to evolve into a more thoughtful, interesting place than this blog has been. I'm not done with this blog, but I suggest checking out what's going on there.

Here's the link to: This Car Is My Pants. (Once there were a bunch of reverential people seeking a famous Daoist* master for wisdom. They came to his hut, and upon entering discovered him stark naked inside. They freaked out a bit, and the master replied, "The world is my hut! This hut is my pants. What are you doing in my pants?" Gods love the Daoists.)

*Or a Taoist, if you so prefer.


Miriam said...

Hey! I have no idea where you are at the moment, but I'll be returning to the States soon. Specifically, Florida, at least briefly. Specifically-er (warning: that is not a real word) Jacksonville. I'd love to see you, if you're near there, or near anywhere between there and NYC. Or, if by some freakish chance, you're in LA. I will be in all of those places soon. Let me know!

Miriam said...

Cool, I'll make sure to get in touch sometime when I'm actually on land for a significant period. Fair winds!

Judea, London, Do or Die.