07 June 2007

Back From Cyprus

Back in Pittsburgh. Mostly dead at the moment. For some reason the weather is hotter here than in Cyprus. Possibly the humidity, despite Cyprus being an island. No idea.

But I found out this morning that I've gotten a Gilman Scholarship, which is sweet. Also flabbergastifying. Will blog about that more later, especially since this blog is part of my follow-on project for said scholarship. (Paid to go abroad and blog about it? Brilliant!)

All is well. I have to unearth my bed from the piles of stuff I left on it when I was last here, and then I'm crashing.

Official Summaries:
Number flights rerouted: 1 (of 6)
Number of hours 6 June lasted for due to the magic of time zones: 28
Number of clean clothes brought back: -6
Amount of time spent walking in a straight line: infinite
Improvement to ability to fake out drunk tests: equally infinite
Beers native to Cyprus: 2
Good beers native to Cyprus: 1
Overall success of Cypriot beer: 50%
Amount of confusion as to why I'm still blogging and not sleeping yet: 100%

Good night, all. Be well. I will be at the Parsec meeting on Saturday, so you should be there too.

1 comment:

Kassandra said...

Hey! Shows what I know: I was just telling Deanna you'd be back in town "soon". If I can't keep a brain in my head you'd think I would at least remember to check this more often.

Things must be done. Will you be at WorD this Tuesday?