10 June 2007

Lost video

I spent my last Sunday in Cyprus lost. Not my finest hour by any stretch of imagination. However, as I was going through my vids for the scavenger vlog, I found this bit of video that I took right at the moment I realized that I was, in fact, rather far from home. If there were anyone from PKAP reading this, they'd probably find it hilarious, but I hope you enjoy laughing at my expense as well. I certainly did when I found it.


dimestorefind said...

LOLOLOL. "I think I might be lost."

Slade said...

I KNOW. That's when I lost it too, and just busted out laughing for five minutes straight. I was lost until my dramatic rescue a bit before 8pm. I think this vid was taken somewhere around...2 pm. "I think I might be lost" -- JESUS CHRIST ROFLMAO. I'm so glad I took this vid, and that I found it later. Priceless.