03 April 2007

Collision of worlds

Weird shit: getting into a writing kick/zone/high/thing and using it to write a paper. There must be Cartographers for Social Equality around, because it's freaking me out.


Anna said...

I have absolutely no idea what this post says. Just FYI.

Slade said...

Well, damn, I've alienated my entire audience.

I got into a writing groove, which usually only happens when I'm doing fiction (cuz, y'know, papers suck). But I actually used it to start writing a paper. Which fucked with my brain, because papers=the devil while writing=r0x0rs and I try to keep them separate in my head so as not to contaminate the stuff I care about. So it freaked my brain out a bunch.

The rest is a West Wing reference, which you'd know if you followed the link, you bum.

Anna said...

I followed the link and I was like "WTF does the West Wing have to do with any of this crap? I am so confused."