25 April 2007

Dress Me Up Pretty

Okay, guys, we -- well, I -- have a situation. It has just been brought to my attention that I need to have an evening gown and associated ensemble in hand and ready to wear by the 10th of May. That is 15 actual days, or 11 business days, from now. I have since been madly searching the Interweb for dresses that are:

1) actually evening gowns and not mislabelled as such
2) pretty (read: gorgeous yet NOT SLUTTY)
3) pretty on me
4) affordable in any universe not encompassed by Paris Hilton's closets

This search has been difficult, but I have in fact turned up a few choice picks. And this is where you come in and why I'm bothering you with this trite matter of not looking like a slob or a slut in front of important, fancy, famous people: the list of dresses (and accessories) is here. Please please please go look at them and tell me what you think. I'm going for elegant, stylish, comfortable, and if possible, hot.

If the link doesn't work for you, then go to my regular The Things I Want page and click on the "Nebulas 07" tag. (For future reference, this is my end-all-be-all stuff-I-want list, if you're ever in the mood and/or holiday season to get me some kind of gift. Not pushing, just saying it's there.)

Seriously, I'm overworked and underslept as it is without fashion butting into my life. There are seven dresses there; please comment here with, at the very least, a number. If that doesn't work for you, then email me: damnowls @ gmail.com. Thank you all; you're wonderful people.


Diane said...

Hi, Slade. Diane, here. Wow--gowns! I looked them all over carefully. What a beautiful lot. Yeah, expensive. I tend to scope out used clothing stores for my eveningwear, but the gown I'm wearing to the Nebs was close to $150.00. Okay, so you're going to bite the bullet and not let price decide for you. Where are you, btw? Are there no dress shops around school where you could actually go try something on? Sales everywhere because everyone already has their prom dresses. None of the dresses appear to me to be slutty at all. My fav by far is four because of how awesome it would look with your tattoos. #1 seems like the straps would cut straight across them and a few would **horrors** cover them up! NO! The site says it takes a while to send it--are you sure you could get something in time? (Write their customer service dept.) Picture of previous Nebula Awards Ceremonies can be seen on Keith's site here:
Look under "Nebula".

The ones in NYC are usually dressier, but not black tie--red is wonderful, or any color. The jewelry is amazing, too. Some just need earrings to dazzle. You've a good start. Now, shoes, bag, wrap, jewelry, hair accessories, special make-up, fingernail polish, ha, I'm kidding. Just get the gown . . .


Slade said...

I <3 you. I too adore 4, though I also love 5 because it has such great potential. (5 also has the potential to look really terrible and fit like a three-fingered glove; that is, not at all.) I support the showcasing of the tattoos, in any and all cases!

I'm actually not all that ready to suck it up and put out the money for a really, really fancy dress. Mainly, the problem is that Indiana is in the middle of freaking nowhere. I'm going to try to get to JCPenny's in the mall this weekend, and if I don't find anything there I may just search out the resale shops when I hit Pittsburgh (like Filine's Closet on the Waterfront and Kindred Spirits, which is up north by my parents). Where do you usually find your lovely dresses?

Thank you for the pic link, as well. I'm feeling a lot better knowing exactly what I'm aiming for and the "Disney Princess" is not it. (Though I was looking forward to finding fins so I could go as Ariel.)

In short: you rock.